Our New Year’s Resolutions

New Year'sGranted, it’s 6 days late, but that’s because we spent the first week of the new year dropping 10 lbs., spending more time with our friends & family, and paying off all our debt.

But seriously, we do have big hopes and dreams for 2009 and thought we’d share them here first: 

  • Blogging more frequently (yes, this was a resolution last year too, but there were more posts last year than the year before, and we expect even more this year);
  • Fix the economy. ‘Nuff said.
  • Launch a formal loyalty program. Our best customers know how much we appreciate them, but we have a unique concept for our loyalty program, which we plan to launch this summer; 
  • More products. We added a number of new brands last year, and hope to add even more this year. With the opening our first store, you are likely to see a host of new gift ideas in a variety of categories;
  • Integrate our store to the website, and our website to the store in ways that will benefit all of our customers;
  • Bring peace to the Middle East. May take us till 2010. 
  • Print our first catalog. All customers will be sure to get a copy. If you’re not yet a customer, now’s a good time to consider it.
  • More content. While blog posts serve mainly as an expressive outlet for my parochial opinions, there is a vast library of reference and editorial content that we hope to publish this year;
  • Develop our next-generation gift box.
  • Raise capital for the next step of our vision.

What’s one of your New Year’s resolutions that we (or our customers) should borrow?

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