GWB to Snub “21”

21 ClubWhile I try to stay away from the New York Post for health reasons, I was forwarded this article from a friend who knows the "21" Club in Manhattan is one of my favorite spots in ‘Merica.

Apparently, every sitting POTUS since FDR has eaten at the famed restaurant with the exception of the current President, GWB. Within Bush’s inner circle, everyone else has eaten there: Laura, Jenna & Barbara, Condi, Cheney, and GHWB. But no GWB. 

"21" Club is the epitome of Manhattan Old School style. The food is very good, and the wine list is one of the best in the country, but it is the atmosphere and the crowd that it attracts that make it a favorite of those that appreciate a men’s room attendant that has been there for decades.

While I have yet to see a sitting President there on my visits, I have run into Steve Forbes – a billionaire who has run for President – and Ted Turner – a billionaire who thinks he should be President. And then there’s me – a shopkeeper whose mom thinks he should be the President, but instead is just happy to write about the dining habits of those who serve. Hopefully, BHO will make it a priority to stop by 21 Club during his first 100 days. The nation needs to know traditions are being kept to restore confidence. 

As for Bush, he’s still got a week left to drop in; we’ll see how he responds to this emergency…

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