I’m in Love With a Wonderful Guy

Michael Toschi LucianoHopefully, my friends & family will read beyond the title else rumors circulate on the Intertubes. Pointing out that the post’s  itle is stolen from a song from the musical "South Pacific" probably doesn’t help, but what can you do? 

My new love is named Luciano. He’s Italian, and he was my holiday gift from Michael Toschi. A very sleek wingtip in a deep, chocolate brown which will be a nice alternative to the red-soled Mirco‘s that I currently wear when brown is required.

All goods European have seen sharp increases in price over the past few years thanks to the weakness of the dollar and the strength of the Euro, and Michael Toschi shoes were no exception. At $725, I probably wouldn’t shell out for these given all the money I lost in the Madoff Ponzi scheme and my speculative real estate in Vegas, but members of the cult of Toschi know that they’re usually worth it. If you have the means, and you’re looking for a "fast wingtip", look no further than my new crush: Luciano.

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