Gotta Smell It

Eau de ToiletteLast week, we announced a new feature called Gotta See It — our attempt to highlight products that are virtually impossible to do justice…virtually. In my eagerness to post something about the amazing Australian Saltwater Hornback Crocodile Belt, I didn’t consider the possibility that I might want to write about how something smelled rather than just how it looked. 

So in just our second edition of "Gotta See It", we’re instead promoting a "Gotta Smell It" product. Specifically, The Art of Shaving‘s Lemon scented Eau de Toilette.

Perhaps it escaped my attention because it was released months after their Sandalwood fragrance. Perhaps I didn’t think I would like it despite the fact that I have used – and enjoyed – the lemon-scented Pre-Shave Oil and Shaving Cream. Regardless, a customer in the store sprayed a little of the Lemon in the air, and mentioned how much he liked it. I came over and hit myself with a little sample, and I must say, it had a really nice fragrance; definitely not as lemon-y as I would have thought.

Obviously, $70 is a decent chunk of change to spend on a cologne you’ve never smelled. But if you pop into an Art of Shaving store, I would highly recommend you try it out…and then buy it from us to save the sales tax 😉

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Written by Ami

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