Respect for the Game

Pro Golfer - srslyFairway & Greene‘s tagline is "Respect for the Game", so I can imagine there will be some water-cooler conversations at HQ on Monday morning regarding a striptease at Doral.

After spraying his tee shot into the muck, Henrik Stenson – a real-life professional golfer – tundressed, addressed the ball, and then re-dressed for the remainder of the round. Seriously. 

Some background: in Dubai earlier this year, Stenson waded into some mud – mud sprinkled with gold flakes, no doubt – to play a shot
and wound up covered with dirt. Rather than finish this most recent round looking , he decided the more prudent course of action would be to take off all his clothes except for his boxers and glove, and take the shot.

Stenson is four shots off the lead, as if that is anything people will remember about him. Read the full story from Sky Sports News here

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