Gotta See It: Arlo Inlay

Martin Dingman Arlo InlayOne of the primary tenets of our "Shop by Lifestyle" feature is that no gentleman is 100% any single lifestyle; we all have tendencies influenced by the other lifestyles. While I am pre-dominantly "Old School" with a "Wall Street" streak and a vicarious "Sportsman" disposition, it is safe to say that I have 0% "Rock Star" in me (a lifestyle soon to be added to our list). So it is rare that a product like this would not only catch my eye, but compel me to spend money on bringing it into the store. 

Last Fall, when previewing Martin Dingman‘s line for Spring 2009, they pulled out a shoe unlike any I’ve seen from them in the 5 years we’ve carried their products: the Arlo Inlay shoe and matching Bala Belt. The Arlo model has been around for years in various incarnations of leather, deerskin, and of course, Alligator. It is a popular model because it is sufficiently comfortable: plenty wide to fit those that don’t like their shoes tight with a healthy rubber bottom to provide support.

The Arlo Inlay and Bala Belt feature a cracked black leather over a deep burgundy lizard inlay in a very cool damask-like pattern. For the gentleman that wants to show his "edgy" side without having to shell out for a Harley, I can assure you that this shoe & belt combo is more stunning in person than the photo can ever do justice.

How cool is it? The shoes were delayed about 2 weeks, but we had an in-store customer buy the shoes sight unseen based solely on seeing the belt.

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