Bills Khakis Trunk Show

I feel bad blogging about this since 95% of our customer base lives outside of the Greater Bay Area, but it is worth announcing our first in-store Bills Khakis Trunk Show on Friday, April 10th. Several folks from Bills Khakis will be here to show off Spring 2009 and to preview Fall 2009 for pre-orders.

As always, nips of bourbon and shots of espresso are on hand to lubricate the shopping experience.You can also RSVP for the event on Facebook!

For those that won’t have a chance to make it into the store, you are not forgotten. If you have yet to visit, you should do so, stat. If you are a hardcore Bills Khakis fan (as I am), there is one incredible feature of the site: pre-ordering Limited Edition products in the model, size, & color of your choice.

Why is that important? Well, every season, retailers like On The Fly have dozens of fabrics to choose from for our Limited Edition purchases, and waist sizes go from 30-46, and many pants or shorts come in models 1, 2, and 3, and then plain fronts and pleats. If money were no object, we’d buy everything, but until the Men’s Retail lobby gets us some TARP money, we have to make choices. And sometimes, that means our loyal customers can’t order their M1 Pleated Seersucker Pants in Pink & Cream because we didn’t buy it at all, or we didn’t buy it in M1, or we didn’t buy it with pleats, or we sold out in their size. It’s a crime, we know. At Bills Khakis Pub, those same loyal customers can choose On The Fly as their Preferred Retailer and pre-order pants from the upcoming season exactly the way they want them and they’re guaranteed to get them. Brilliant!

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