Sitting in a Chair in the Sky

Last week, I had to book a ticket on a jetplane for Boston where I’d be doing "some research" for an upcoming "project". Tickets were actually pretty cheap (about $200 roundtrip), and both JetBlue and United had almost identical fares, and departure times that were fine with me. While I probably have more miles with United, I figured having satellite TV on a 5 hour flight would be nice even though I have May’s Book-of-the-Month selection — Lords of Finance — to read as well, so I chose JetBlue.

Just before boarding the plane, a JetBlue employee announced to all that the TV’s were not working, and they did not expect them to work for the entire flight. Instantly, I was miffed since that had literally been the only reason I chose to fly JetBlue over United. But just as quickly, my mind flashed back to a recent interview with Louis C.K. on Conan. The entire clip is worth watching, but the most relevant part starts at about 1:59.

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Written by Ami

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