Orange & Steel on Fire

Michael Toschi GXWatching some of the St. Jude Classic on Saturday, much of the coverage focused on the leader — and eventual winner — Brian Gay. While most golf observers were no doubt taking notice of the rising star (this is his 3rd tour win), I couldn’t help but notice his choice of colors: charcoal golf shirt and orange pants. That’s right, orange pants.

And while John Daly has sunk to new lows in an effort to prove how obnoxious he can be, Brian Gay just looked confident.

Bringing this post full circle since we don’t yet sell charcoal golf shirts or orange golf pants, The ensemble immediately brought to mind the latest color combo of the Michael Toschi GX in Steel & Orange. We’ve had a few customers already receive the latest release from Toschi, but admittedly, now, they were trendsetters. Now, we’ll just expect the orders to start pouring in in 3…2…1…Brian Gay


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