Put Me on the Waiting List

Commenting on the world of super-yachts is normally out of my wheelhouse, but the $400,000,000+, 557-footer just built for BRO (Billionaire Russian Oligarch) Roman Abramovich had one particular feature that blew my mind.

  • Swimming pool? You shouldn’t have to ask.
  • Luxury spa? Everybody’s doing it.
  • Helipad? Two. Check and check.
  • Mini-submarine that also acts as escape pod? Gift with purchase from the yacht maker, no doubt.  

Alas, it is the missile defense system that demanded I share this. The U.S. military can’t even successfully test a missile defense system, but Roman’s got it on his yacht! Read about all 557 feet here.

No word as to when Andy Samberg will be on the boat.

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