The Fly Way to Kill a Fly

Fly & SwatterLoyal readers all over the country — and by that, I mean, my mom — frantically alerted me to the fact that Obama had something to do with a fly. Immediately, I thought it could only be one of four things:

  • He planned a "shopping" date night with Michelle;
  • He promised to give a major address from our flagship store (which happens to hosting a Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Tasting tonight!);
  • He refuted the rumor that On The Fly was in need of a multi-billion dollar bailout package (we don’t need one, but we’d find ways to spend the extra cash);
  • Or the always-maligned "Mens Clothing-Accessories Complex" was going to experience greater regulation.

No, he just killed a fly. 

But when Obama does something, it sells, so this latest "buzz" [couldn’t resist] has spawned all sorts of related content: the original CNBC video footage, bloggers comparing him to ninjas, a BBC write-up on the Top 10 Ways to Kill a Fly, PETA’s plea for mercy on flies, and of course, this shameless, cuffllink-promoting blog post featuring Robin Rotenier’s Fly & Swatter Cufflinks.

I’m now trying to dig up the footage of a fly I killed in between the two swatters on my cuffs. Stay tuned…

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