Why They Call It Timeless

Colby JacketLast Fall, Bills Khakis introduced their first casual jacket called the Colby Jacket. It was a Barracuda-style jacket done in their Driving Twill fabric in their British Khaki color, and while it seemed classic at the time – like everything they do – I was reminded how classic it was last week.

While watching the original Thomas Crown Affair from 1968, featuring Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway, there are a few scenes where McQueen is wearing a pair of plain front khakis and a blue Barracuda-style jacket. Forty-plus years later and the first thing I did after the movie ended was shoot Bills an email to see if they ever did the jacket in blue (they haven’t, but I’m sure if some of you mention it, they will).

We didn’t order the Colby Jacket this Fall, but if Bills Khakis has one in your size, we can get it for you. 

Later in the movie, while wearing the same jacket and smoking a cigar, Tommy Crown heads out his back door to a patio featuring a telescope on a tripod. At the time, we had not yet launched Authentic Models‘ products on our website, but I knew they made a similar piece. In fact, you can now buy one from us here.

Once we start selling three-piece suits, gliders, and dune-buggies…we’ll have the whole movie covered.

Bonus: The funniest line in the movie? "What does a guy with four million bucks want with two million more?"

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