Sherlock Holmes Review

Sherlock Holmes opened today starring Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams. While you’d think people would be spending the day with family, the showing we went to sold out (but not before we Fandangoed). 

What to say? Just as Bond movies make me want to be a spy, and Iron Man made me want to be a wealthy military-industrialist, today I want to be a super-perceptive detective in 19th Century Britain capable of beating any man in a fist fight. Readers of this blog will not be disappointed by the costuming, the repartee, and the complexity of the mystery.

The only complaint from me would be that the movie was probably 20 minutes too long. I’m not sure what I would cut, but it is long and feels long.

Nevertheless, well worth the $10 and 150 minutes.

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