Live From NY, It’s Peter Millar

Peter Millar Fall 2010Ok, maybe it’s not live from New York, but since I’m in Manhattan shopping for Fall 2010 and I’ve seen a couple of our most important brands, I might as well provide an update on what I’ve seen, starting with Peter Millar…

As a company, Peter Millar is growing fast, and by Fall, they will have a much more prominent role on our website and in our store. In addition to their golf shirts, sweaters, & driving moccasins, we will also be bringing in a few, soft-constructed sportcoats, an
in-stock program of 18 different dress shirt styles, fancy trousers, neckwear,
mufflers, and a handful of new leather goods.

Cashmere is one of Peter Millar’s biggest classifications, and there, they have re-engineered their basic Cashmere sweater from a 2-ply to a 4-ply, while retaining the same weight (in other words, it will be a much tighter weave) and the same pricepoint ($295). The 30 Gauge Full Turtleneck we had last Fall will return, and we’re buying more given how fast we sold through what we bought last Fall.

The Luxe Blend they introduced last Fall that is 90% wool/10% cashmere will return. Though I don’t fish, I’m most excited about the Fisherman Knit Turtleneck. It’s the heaviest sweater being offered, and can’t help but evoke images of battling The Perfect Storm while remaining impeccably dressed.

Merino Wool has an updated palette of colors within the traditional V-Neck sweaters and vests, but the real action is in the pieces with personality: a full-zip sweater you’ll have to see, an open-bottom cardigan stitch with a hidden zipper, a shawl-collar sweater, and a herringbone quarter-zip sweater.

In Outerwear, the big news was the introduction of pieces that incorporate Loro Piana’s famed Storm System into wool coats. Windproof and water resistant, the Loro Piana Storm System is made via a patented
treatment that creates an invisible barrier that causes water to bead
away from the fabric and protect from dust, dirt and liquid stains. My only complaint? Let’s do one piece in Loro Piana StormSystem cashmere!

And last but not least, there will be new Golf Shirts in their cotton lisle, performance yarns, a satin-washed polo, a "throwback" pique polo, and the sun washed polo, as well as woven sport shirts in a dozen styles.

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