Coolest. Scarves. Evar.

Margo Petitti ScarfToday’s shopping took me to a different show where I expected to just see Agave Denimsmith. After immersing myself in all the ultra-soft knits & sweaters that Agave will be shipping us for Fall, our account manager said that there were some scarves that I had to see. Now, I’m a big scarf fan, but we tried selling scarves online 2 years ago, and it was a pretty clearcut failure. Beautiful, sumptuous cashmere scarves from a well-known mill in Scotland, and we had trouble giving some of them away at 60% off. I have several hypotheses (they’re an impulse item, very tactile, etc.), but at the end of the day, it makes us look like we don’t know what we’re doing when customers come to our store during the holidays and we don’t have any scarves (in our defense, we did bring in a few this last Fall and sold them out in a week or two and could not get more). 

Anyways, one look at one of the scarves from Margo Petitti and I knew we found our new source. Most of the scarves are patchwork designs, impeccably sewn, featuring a variety of very masculine men’s suiting fabrics in cashmere, wool, and silks. For those that shy away from bold patterns, one side is usually a solid fabric; the real action takes place on the other side. Each scarf is a one-of-a-kind so online customers will be taking something of a leap of faith, but having seen dozens of her scarves today in person, there wasn’t one I wouldn’t wear proudly. And they are sewn in the U.S. which is a plus to me.

None of the scarves we’ll receive in the Fall are on the site now, but they will be a sight to see. Mark your calendar for November 1st when our first batch will arrive.

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