Tape-Delayed from NY, it’s Bills Khakis

Bills Khakis Fall 2010Bills Khakis is one of my favorite appointments. The people are great, the product is always great, and the company feels like what you probably think it feels like: salt-of-the-Earth, proud of what they’re doing, and doing well because they take care of their customers. The Limited Edition pants they come out with for Fall are always surprisingly new and innovative (for a company that prides itself on the traditional), and they create some new products that you’d never expect. True to form, then, Fall 2010 will be no different.

Most notably, it seems as though Bills is now buying a new fabric from the same mill that produced the fabric for the khakis worn during WWII. This is noteworthy because 20 years ago, Bill Thomas set out to replicate the WWII army khaki, and had done a pretty good job with it. Now, it may get even better. The fabric may replace the Bullard Field Cloth, which has been one of their best-selling pants for years now.

Some tried-and-true favorites will return, including Dixie Wale Cords, 11 Wale Cords in Fall colors, Cavalry Twills in several colors, the Cotton Gabardine, and the holiday party pants are a heavy wool Houndstooth in cream & camel. No Alternative Corduroys this year, which was a huge bummer for me personally, but they may have some piece goods lying around from years past, and maybe On The Fly will have an exclusive small-run Party-Pants cord for this Fall.

Of the entire line, my personal favorite was a Pima Cotton Corduroy that feels like it should be a cotton/cashmere blend. They’re not cheap — $295/pair — but having owned some Incotex Cotton/Cashmere Cords at $500/pr, they may be the value of the season if you can believe it.

On the Jacket front, there are a few sportsmanesque-coats like the one in the photo that we’ll be bringing in. Additionally, through a collaboration with Cockpit USA, Bills Khakis will be introducing a couple leather bomber jackets, which we couldn’t resist.

So what are the products I didn’t expect? We can start with Deerskin Gloves. Not dress gloves; work gloves. In pale yellow (the ones in the photo). Yet I have no doubt we’ll sell every pair.

And last but not least, there will be Retro Tees, Baseball Tees, and a ton of "khaki-eating" sportshirts, including a couple warm, winter flannels.

First delivery should arrive on August 15th. 

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