Big Day Today

  • Apple Tablet announcement1 
  • On The Fly email announcing Sale discount increased to 50% off Fall merchandise
  • SOTU
  • Dinner & Cigars at very exclusive Club that would never have me as a member2

1. If Apple ever wanted to make it up to people that bought an Apple TV, they’d livestream their events to owners through the device. Otherwise…most. expensive. paperweight. ever.
2. No, it’s not because I’m Jewish.3
3. Yes, it is. Regardless, I am armed to the teeth: Kiton suit & 7-fold tie, Michael Toschi Vecchia Mano shoes, great-uncle’s pocket watch, Davidoff guillotine cutter, S.T. Dupont Limited Edition 007 Lighter in Gunmetal, and Montecristo #2’s from an island off the coast of Florida.

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Written by Ami

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