Neuroses of a Modern Gentleman V

I wish I knew how most men stored their belts. I hang mine on a couple of spinning belt hooks that hang from my closet rod. Due to my unfortunate shoe fetish, my belt collection resembles a box of crayons. So each hook is holding at least 2 belts, sometimes 3. As a general rule, I’ve got dress belts on one hook, and casual belts on the other.

The problem is that I have some belts that go both ways. Sometimes, if I’m trying to dress down a suit or dress up khakis & a sweater, there are a lot of options. A medium brown belt day could result in a solid medium brown belt, one with contrast stitching, or a matte crocodile belt I’ve got. And because they are at least 2 deep on spinning hooks, it’s almost impossible to carefully weigh each option and still leave the house. 

So…I spend a significant chunk of my day fearing Sub-Optimal Belt Selection. In other words, the belt I’ve got on is fine, but there may have been a better belt in the closet.

Wingtip hopes to introduce a solution to this problem later this year, but until then, I’m exploring pharmaceutical solutions.

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