Feed Your Fingertips

Last Fall, several blogs I follow announced the re-launch of the 1,000 Mile Boot from Wolverine. From the press release announcing their reintroduction last year…

More than 125 years ago, Wolverine founder G.A. Krause built a company
on a dream of creating finely crafted footwear using the best materials
of the time. Inspired by hard-working men, Krause began a footwear
company that would soon innovate the industry. The first of its kind,
the Wolverine 1,000 Mile shoe was created in a time when men were
looking for authentic craftsmanship and footwear that would last. The
Wolverine 1,000 Mile Shoe had all these characteristics as well as
superior comfort. Advertised as comfortable enough to ?give you 1,000
miles of wear,? the shoe became a wardrobe staple for men of the 20th

The 1,000 Mile Boots are made in the USA based on the original pattern. The leather is top grade North American cowhide, tanned by Horween Leather Co. The leather sole features a classic hand-stitched Goodyear welt, and stacked leather heel and outsole. They are stunning to look at, and even more compelling when you appreciate the history and the construction.

My pair finally arrived today – the 1,000 Mile Boot in Brown. No one would ever accuse me of working hard enough to require a work boot, but then again, maybe that’s the point.

The only negative aspect of carrying Wolverine shoes in the store? Since I’ve always been a big Saturday Night Live fan, I can’t stop saying, "I would like…to feed your fingertips…to the wolverines." It’s immature, I know, but I can’t help it.

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