What I Have in Common with the Flying Tomato

Shaun White 1,000 Mile BootWith Shaun White? Not much, really. 

He’s a snowboarder; I’m not.
He’s got multiple Olympic gold medals; I’ve got multiple gold cufflinks. 
His nickname is the Flying Tomato; mine is the Well-Dressed Cucumber (at least when someone wants to liken me to a vegetable).
He owns a couple Lamborghini’s; I drive a car that either of his cars would fit inside.
He’s a 23 year old living the life of a 16 year old; let’s just say I’m living the life of a gentleman 3 decades older than I am.

There is one piece of common ground, however. Last night, during NBC’s Olympic coverage, which included an interview with Shaun White. And sure enough, he was wearing a pair of the Wolverine 1,000 Mile Boots. Since my last blog post was already about the 1,000 Mile Boot, I won’t rehash their appeal here. Needless to say, everyone at On The Fly already owns a pair.

How long before Bob Costas places an order for a pair?

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