Why This is my New Pen, Part I of III

S.T. Dupont USB PenI would love to explain why this is my new pen in one blog post, but I think there’s necessary historical context that needs to be established first. 

Almost every customer that has ever bought something in our San Francisco store has signed their receipt with a very nice pen (most recently, an S.T. Dupont Alligator Havana Pen). There is a very simple story behind my insistence on finalizing each sale with a proper flourish.

Years ago, I took some friends to one of San Francisco’s finest restaurants: Charles Nob Hill (unfortunately, it no longer exists). This is the type of restaurant where each course involves 3 dishes, only 1 of which is really necessary to hold the food for that course. In other words, opulence.

The chef’s tasting menu was probably 5-7 courses, and lasted close to 2 hours. Everything was excellent: the food, the wine, the service, the
ambiance. The bill for three ended up around $1,000 (those were the dot-com days when you could barely get Chinese take-out for less than a C-note).

Then the bill came in the typical black leather folder accompanied by a white, plastic Bic pen. Dissonance was the word that first came to mind. Absolutely everything was best-in-class until that moment, which happened to come at the very end of the evening. As you can tell, it has stuck with me ever since.

I don’t get to work on multi-million dollar deals anymore, but we do sell nice things. I want our store customers to leave remembering that everything was top shelf: the products, service, atmosphere, gift wrap, the business cards that double as emergency collar stays, the espresso we pour, and last but not least, the consummation of the sale. Now you know.

But that’s just context. Tomorrow, I’ll share the first reason why I’m enamored specifically with the S.T. Dupont Neo-Classique Chinese Lacquer President Fountain Pen

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