Why This is my New Pen, Part II of III

S.T. Dupont USB PenYesterday, we covered the historical events that have forged my strongly held belief about the value of using a fine writing instrument to seal a deal. Today, in Part II of III, I’ll explain why I’m particularly enamored with the S.T. Dupont Neo-Classique Chinese Lacquer President Fountain Pen.

Hidden in the bottom of the pen, like you could only imagine in a James Bond movie (or Mission: Impossible, or Get Smart, or even Austin Powers) is a 4 GB USB key. That’s right, the bottom of the pen comes off to reveal a USB drive.

Now, I’ve never been the type to keep a USB thumb drive on my keychain because the last thing I want in this world is more stuff in my pockets. At the same time, I can count hundreds of occasions where I’ve wanted to move a file or two between computers, and it usually involves emailing files from one account to another. And with the double-secret project On The Fly is working on now, there have been a few occasions where I have wanted to share the plans with someone but didn’t have my computer with me. Now, I can just pull out my pen as they watch in disbelief.

In an ideal world, I’d keep all those same files "in the cloud" and there would be no need for things like USB drives. But until the day that Internet access is as ubiquitous as water or electricity, there will be a market for USB drives…and an even smaller market for the gentlemen that want their USB drives hidden in their pens.

In Part III of the series, I’ll finally get around to describing the aesthetic features of the pen that I like, for there are many…

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