Why This is my New Pen, Part III of III

S.T. Dupont USB PenI’ve spent two blog posts writing about the S.T. Dupont Neo-Classique Chinese Lacquer President Fountain Pen and I have yet to talk about how it looks. And upon seeing this pen in real life, there really is no way around one central fact: it’s incredibly phallic.

How phallic is it? 

It’s so phallic, when I opened the box, the first thought that came into my mind was: this is really phallic. The second thought was: I have to have one.

When I showed it to a loyal customer of ours and asked him the first word that comes to mind, without prompting, he said, "Phallic" (at least I know it’s not just me).

Beyond the size, though, the pen is exquisite. It’s black Chinese lacquer with palladium accents. Chinese lacquer is a living material that is resistant to handling and very 
difficult to work with. Only a master lacquer maker with a long experience and a confirmed
know-how can master the craftsmanship and the techniques involved in the
processing of Chinese lacquer.

Most esoterically, I won’t accidentally melt this pen with my cigar or
lighter. S.T. Dupont’s Chinese Lacquer does not melt, even when held
over an open flame. I would suggest you try that with a Mont Blanc or a
Cartier, except you’ll melt your pen. I have no history of accidentally or intentionally melting pens,
but it’s nice to know this will be safe if lightning strikes.

Most superficially, it’s also a fountain pen, which I prefer because everyone’s penmanship looks better with a fountain pen. If you don’t believe me, grab a ballpoint and a fountain pen and sign your name with each. I’d put money on which one you’ll prefer. 

It is rare I’ll spend three blog posts raving about a single product, but for some reason, I felt this pen worthy of the time. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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