Edward R. Murrow Bails Out Iron Man

Edward R MurrowFriday night, I lamented the fact that my next suit purchase — like my last suit purchase — was going to be another 3-piece suit, but that the idea may have been ruined by Iron Man 2. Justin Hammer, the character played by Sam Rockwell, only wore 3-piece suits throughout the entire film, and let’s just say that I’m eccentric and fickle enough that the wardrobe of a supporting actor in a major motion picture can influence my choice of a suit model.

So it must have been my good luck — this pun will be genius once I get to the punchline — that PBS was airing Good Night, and Good Luck on Saturday night. David Strathairn plays legendary CBS journalist Edward R. Murrow, and more importantly wears a number of beautiful single-breasted and double-breasted suits. But just as the conflict with Senator Joseph McCarthy is heating up in the movie, he wears a light grey Prince of Wales glen plaid 3-piece suit (pictured).

Now the 3-piece is back on unless Family Guy somehow manages to ruin it tonight.  

And no offense to Mr. Rockwell; I believe he owns a place in my neighborhood!

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