Shameless Salesmanship: Chronographs

Tag Heuer Chronograph This newest entry into the annals of Shameless Salesmanship shouldn’t really count since we don’t really sell watches, and it’s too cut-throat to try. But we had a long-time customer in the store yesterday — a lawyer — who was showing me the watch that his wife recently bought him as a gift (the Tag Heuer Monaco Chronograph with black face pictured at left).

Initially, she was going to get him the regular Automatic, but he asked for the Chronograph, and she obliged, but we were joking about the fact that he would probably rarely have the opportunity to use the chronograph’s features (I have a chronograph, and I have pushed the Start/Stop buttons twice: once while reading the instructions, and another time by accident).

Knowing that he’s a lawyer, and that lawyers are always looking to bill time in the smallest possible increments (not our lawyers, of course), I argued that the watch should really be a business expense since he can now bill in split-second increments if necessary; an impossibility just days before when he didn’t have such a sophisticated timepiece. 

If the U.S. government can encourage Cash for Clunkers and Cash for Caulkers, you’d think they could support the stimulus from a "Cash for Non-Chronographs" program. Count me as a Yea vote.

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