It Helps to Know About Science

Champagne SaberAnyone that knows me well can attest to my ignorance when it comes to matters of math & science. I passed Calculus in high school only thanks to the mercy of Mr. Statum, and to this day I don’t understand how a supertanker can float carrying all those containers, or how an airplane can fly. Might as well tell me it’s magic. 

So several years ago, when On The Fly was sponsoring a party in LA, I thought it would be a good idea to take one of Laguiole’s Champagne Sabres and open bottles with it to amaze the guests. Having never done it before, but having read instructions on multiple websites, I stopped in a liquor store and bought 6 or 8 bottles of really cheap champagne off the shelf (note: I did not say out of the fridge). 

I proceeded to a dark corner of the parking lot across the street from the party, and one by one, failed impotently at opening a single bottle before the pressure would pop the cork off prematurely. It would be years before I would ever try it again.

Realize that we sell dozens of the Champagne Sabers as gifts, especially around the holidays, and yet I had no idea how to use it properly (or so I thought). I did do some more reading, and discovered that the bottles must be chilled, but given my complete lack of scientific knowledge, I did not understand how that might help get a glass top off a bottle. How ignorant I was.

With the opening of WINGTIP, I am putting a lot of emphasis on presentation. That means that if a guest is willing to lose a few drops of champagne to the pageantry of having the bottle opened with a sabre, we should oblige. So last week, a member’s guest asked for champagne, and since we had some bottles in the fridge — chilled, as they alledgedly are supposed to be for sabreage — I pulled out my sabre, found the seam of the bottle, and quickly thrust the blunt edge of the blade up the bottle until the top popped off cleanly and splattered some champagne on my laptop which clearly should have been moved prior to the experiment.

I plan to post video soon so the world can see how easy it is…

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