A Lazy Reason to Diversify your Bills Khakis Holdings

Bills KhakisLate night last night; early morning this morning. Leaving town for the weekend and hadn’t packed, or checked the weather. Pulled my duffel bag out of the closet and opened the door to the Bills Khakis closet (yes, I have a whole section dedicated to the 30+ pair I own), and just started pulling out khaki-colored khakis. A pair of 10.2oz Bullard Twills in case it’s cold, a pair of 8.5oz Classic Twills in case it’s moderate, and a pair of "fly-weight" 4.1oz Limited Edition Cypress Cloth pants in case it’s hot.   

Picked out some shirts and I was packed and ready to go in less than 4 minutes in a way that I am feel prepared for whatever weather we’re heading into. Thank goodness for a diversified khaki portfolio.

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