Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Tasting

Bowmore TastingThis Thursday evening, loyal readers of On The Fly’s blog are welcome to join us at our new space, WINGTIP, for a special tasting of Bowmore Islay Single Malts

In addition to being one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland, Bowmore is also one of the few distilleries to hand-turn their own floor malted barley. Most of their whiskies spend their long lives in the famous Bowmore No. 1 vaults where they mature in oak casks, previously used for bourbon, sherry or claret, gradually developing rich and mellow flavors. It’s this combination of peat, barley, sea breeze, water, wood,
people and tradition that together create the subtle, warm and smoky
character of Bowmore single malt whiskies.

This Thursday evening, guests will enjoy their 12 Year Old, 15 Year Old, and 18 Year Old whiskies, but we’re secretly hoping they will also bring the coveted 25 Year Old.

What: Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Tasting
When: Thursday, August 5th from 5:30pm-8pm
Where: WINGTIP, 560 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94111
How: Just RSVP here.

Read more about Bowmore, including some of the island’s legends, at their website.

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