The Proper Way to Pour Champagne

Infrared of ChampagneSince it’s the third Sunday of the month, it’s the day I finally get to read the Journal of Agriculture & Food Chemistry*. In it is an article that flies in the face of the way champers is often poured at bars & restaurants. According to "scientists", the superior way to pour champagne is to pour it like beer: at an angle, close to the side of the glass so as to preserve the bubbles (a.k.a. sunshine & lollipops).

We will definitely adjust the way we are pouring champagne at Wingtip even though, admittedly, Dr Liger-Belair and his colleagues have not finished "constructing a mathematical
model to describe CO2 discharge during the champagne pouring process".

You can read the BBC’s coverage of the findings here.

* As I’m sure you guessed, I saw the headline on BBC
News. I normally don’t get to the JAFC until the 3rd Tuesday of each
month so I hadn’t even seen the article yet. 


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  • It is perhaps worth mentioning that how you hold the bottle is just as important, with the thumb in the well at the bottle end and the fingers for support around the base. Otherwise you transfer heat from the palm to the bottle.

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