The Proper Way to Pour Champagne

Infrared of ChampagneSince it’s the third Sunday of the month, it’s the day I finally get to read the Journal of Agriculture & Food Chemistry*. In it is an article that flies in the face of the way champers is often poured at bars & restaurants. According to "scientists", the superior way to pour champagne is to pour it like beer: at an angle, close to the side of the glass so as to preserve the bubbles (a.k.a. sunshine & lollipops).

We will definitely adjust the way we are pouring champagne at Wingtip even though, admittedly, Dr Liger-Belair and his colleagues have not finished "constructing a mathematical
model to describe CO2 discharge during the champagne pouring process".

You can read the BBC’s coverage of the findings here.

* As I’m sure you guessed, I saw the headline on BBC
News. I normally don’t get to the JAFC until the 3rd Tuesday of each
month so I hadn’t even seen the article yet. 


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