All in a Day’s Work

AdvertisementWe recently had to complete a photo shoot for an advertisement that will run nationally in a couple months. To realistically depict the desk of the modern gentleman — which includes a number of heirloom-quality products from the likes of S.T. Dupont, El Casco, Agresti, Visconti, Mulholland Brothers, and William Henry Studio — we felt a lit cigar was essential. But not just any cigar; something delicious and rare (and legal in the United States).

Reaching into the humidor of rare cigars, I thought a Fuente Fuente Opus X Rising Sun would accomplish the task, but it had to be partially smoked. Clearly, we couldn’t force an employee to smoke a cigar against his/her will, so I had to step up, clip it, light it, and smoke it for the good of the company.

The things I do sometimes…

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