Cufflinks: Assembly Required

Jigsaw CufflinksHaving just bought some Ammonite* cufflinks at the SpiVey cufflink trunk show we hosted on Friday, I can say that it is very rare that I am impressed by a set of cufflinks. I would be awestruck by the cufflink line I want to produce, but that is a story for another blog. So you can imagine my amazement at a set of cufflinks that are a miniature jigsaw puzzle. They actually come apart, and can be put back together! 

The story behind them is cute. According to Tokens & Icons, who procured the cufflinks:

"We were awed by this Puzzle Ring that we saw from fellow
exhibitor Antonio Bernardo at the 2008 JCK (Jewelers’ Circular Keystone) Show in Las Vegas. After
summing up the gumption, we inquired ‘would you ever translate this
design into cuff links?’

We hope the Brazilian artist understood our English, though one
is never sure. At the 2009 JCK, we swung by his booth again with a
smile that hopefully gave the impression "we are still interested
should you have the time to engineer them."

Lo and behold, several months before 2010 JCK, our dream was
realized in striking 18K white, rose and yellow gold. Glad we

Mr. Icon…we’re glad you asked too.

* Ammonite is an extinct group of marine animals (Ms. Spivey said "sea creatures" which sounds even cooler). They were already dead, so no animals were harmed in the making of my new cufflinks.

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