Party for the Wolverine 721LTD

Wolverine 1,000 Mile BootBack in late July, we featured the first video from Wolverine that documents the craftsmanship that goes into their 1,000 Mile Boots. This week, they reintroduced a 2nd video in the series, and while other bloggers are featuring the video, we can also announce a Launch Party being hosted by Wolverine, Russell’s Reserve Rye, and Wingtip by On The Fly. 

On Tuesday, October 26th, from 5pm-8pm, representatives from Wolverine will be at Wingtip to celebrate the 721LTD. Guests can fill themselves up on hearty appetizers and wash it down with Russell’s Reserve Rye, a small-batch rye whiskey. Those purchasing boots that night will also take home a Wolverine boot shining kit.

RSVP is required to attend.

Meanwhile, you can watch the second video that Wolverine has produced, which describes the process of creating the shell cordovan, below:

Wolverine 1000 Mile | 721LTD | Making the Boot from Wolverine on Vimeo.

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