“Trad Approved” Bills Khakis

Bills Khakis 20th AnniversaryConsidering how much I love to hear myself write (and to mix metaphors), you know I’m busy if I don’t have time to write about one of my favorite blogs — The Trad — conducting a "blind taste test" of khakis, and declaring one of our vendors — Bills Khakis — the winner. 

But that is exactly what happened earlier in the year. According to The Trad:

"Seven companies provided 13 pair of trousers to The Trad for a "Blind"
tasting judged by men’s style writers, G. Bruce Boyer and Robert E.
Bryan. LL Bean, Bills Khakis, Brooks Brothers, the French Foreign
Legion, J Press, Lincs and Martin Greenfield all put up entries with the
requirement they be all cotton and plain front."

The overall winner was Bills’ Khakis Bullard Field Pant (now replaced by the Cramerton Twill). I meant to write about the contest, but other priorities kept getting in the way.

More recently, The Trad spent far more time gushing over Bills Khakis’ 20th Anniversary Pant than we have, despite the fact that we sell them. Perhaps it’s because, subconsciously, I don’t want to see all the little-totes filled-with-khakis leave our new store dedicated to Bills Khakis & Wolverine boots. Nevertheless, for the full story about these pants, you should The Trad’s review here. And come back here to buy them!

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