Why Didn’t MacGyver Have Silk Knots?

Silk Knots
Ever since Wurkin Stiffs introduced their silk "Knotz" in about 100+ colors, we’ve always touted them as a great emergency item. Any modern gentleman has probably found himself in a hotel with a French cuff shirt in his suitcase only to realize that he forgot to pack cufflinks. Rather than having to buy another pair, why not just keep a pair of silk knots in your suitcase or dopp kit all the time…just in case? 

Ironically, I recently found myself in Paris for a much needed vacation and arrived to realize I packed two French cuff shirts — because I was going to France and it’s the law — and, viola! zero cufflinks. Fortunately, no trip to Paris was going to be complete without a visit to the Charvet store in the Place Vendome, and after picking out a beautiful blue striped dress shirt with French cuffs [because I was in France remember], the salesperson offered me my choice of silk knots as a gift to complete the shirt. It wasn’t an expensive "gift", but it was certainly better than making me pay a few bucks for the privilege of wearing my new shirt. So my brain quickly started running through algorithms to determine the optimal color for all of the shirts that I brought that I would have to fasten with the same pair of free silk knots. I ended up with blue.

I decided then and there that no On The Fly customer should ever have to endure such mental anguish. As of today, any order for a French cuff shirt from On The Fly will include a complementary pair of exclusive On The Fly silk knots by Wurkin Stiffs.

Wurkin Stiffs made these knots for us in our company colors — navy blue & cool gray — and designed some cool packaging for them in the spirit of "In case of emergency, break glass." Unfortunately, we couldn’t actually put "In case of emergency, break glass," because someone would actually do it, slice off their finger, and then On The Fly and Wurkin Stiffs would be sued. Such is the state of the world these days.

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