Why did I buy something called Royal Highnies?

Royal HighniesConsidering one member of our Board of Directors hates the name On The Fly, I am always the last to comment on any other company’s choice of a name. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t think long and hard about bringing in a boxers and loungewear brand called Royal Highnies.

The problem is, to say that they "make boxers and loungewear" insults what they do — their boxers and loungewear are made of 400 count Pima cotton. As we say on their brand page, they are ridiculously luxurious, and at $75 for 2 pair, they’re not that much more expensive than many other quality boxers often made of shirting fabrics.

I couldn’t not add the line to our store and site because I know they’ll make a truly great gift: most men probably wouldn’t buy them for themselves, but whose Significant Other doesn’t want their partner to lounge around the house in obscene luxury for just $75. 

I still cringe a little when saying aloud the brand name in the store, but once the customer feels the product, they can’t get my boxers out of their mind 😉 

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Written by Ami

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