And He Didn’t Even Work for Geico

Jan Leslie Gecko CufflinksI’m sure menswear, relative to other industries, is not exactly a hotbed of innovation. And for someone like me, that’s actually a feature, not a bug; I appreciate clothing & accessories that are timeless. There is something very comforting about the fact that Bills Khakis has been making their 8.5oz Cotton Twill the same way for 20 years, and will likely be making the same way in 2031.

But trips to Market are still necessary to see what’s new, who’s new, and for me, to re-energize my own passion by seeing what our craftspeople have been up to. I did not expect the coolest thing I saw to be a pair of cufflinks, but that is exactly what happened when I visited Jan Leslie. The first pair that jumped out at me were these beautiful, Limited Edition Gecko Cufflinks.

The photo, while good, does not do them justice. Hand-painted enamel with a green gecko, golden eyes, and a bright, red tongue stretching out to a small, black fly on the clasp — it’s what every little boy dreams he’ll one day have in a pair of lizard cufflinks.

I’ll find out from Jan how "limited" they are since we sold the first pair yesterday. I realize they’re not inexpensive, but if you’re in the mood, give us a call; 15 minutes could save you 15%*.

* We don’t really want to talk to you for 15 minutes to save you 15%. That’s Geico’s tagline. And they decided a gecko should be their mascot. We were just trying to be funny.

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