Questions for Bill Thomas of Bills Khakis

The Bill ThomasIf you haven’t heard, Bill Thomas, Founder of Bills Khakis, will be out in San Francisco this coming Friday for the Grand Opening Party for our new store. We’re going to take the opportunity to shoot some video of the event including some brief but candid interviews with the likes of Bill, the Founder & CEO of Mulholland Brothers, Lawrence Behar of Ike Behar, Margo Petiti and others. Since I’d like to be prepared for the interviews, I’ve begun to write down some of the questions I plan to ask:

  • You make every single one of your products in the U.S., but that’s probably because you don’t know that you could save millions by moving your production to low-wage countries. Now that we’ve brought this idea to your attention, how soon can we expect the first "Made in China" Bills Khaki?
  • You sell khakis that start at $115; the Gap sells khakis at $49.50. Who’s right?
  • You have decided to base your company in Reading, Pennsylvania. We thought it was pronounced like "Redding" but we’ve had customers tell us it’s pronounced "Reeding". Are they liars? 
  • I realize you could alienate millions of potential customers, but: Phillies or Pirates? Eagles or Steelers?
  • You offer a 110% satisfaction guarantee. Have you ever had a customer return your pants because he was more than 100% but less than 110% satisfied? Did you smack him?
  • You recently commemorated the 20th anniversary of your company with a limited edition pant to benefit the USO. How much money was raised in the effort, and do you think it will be enough to oust Gaddafi? 
  • You’ve recently dabbled in shirts, jackets, scarves, gloves, bags, beach towels, and you have a boot coming for Fall. What could possibly be next? A Bills Khakis Airstream Trailer? 
  • The Fall 2011 collection is already in production which means you’ve spent the last few months immersed in Spring 2012. What’s it like living in the future?

Any questions I missed? 

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