Questions for Todd Fisher of Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & HillIn case you haven’t heard, Truefitt & Hill N.A.’s CEO, Todd Fisher, will be in San Francisco for our Grand Opening Party this Friday, and we’re going to use the opportunity to ask him some tough questions: 

  • In a fight to the death, is your money on Truefitt or Hill? 
  • Truefitt & Hill sells thousands of badger hair brushes every year. Do you ever fear that the badgers will come for vengeance?
  • You’re bald, but rumor has it you could have a full head of hair, but you choose to shave it to the scalp with a straight razor every morning because you live the brand. Do you think you may be taking your passion too far? 
  • We know you love wine, and that a boondoggle to the Napa Valley is probably the real reason you agreed to come to northern California. Do you feel any guilt about that?
  • Let’s break some news: is there some new product you’re working on that you haven’t told anyone about?

Any questions you think we should ask him? 

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Written by Ami

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