Questions for Michael Toschi of Michael Toschi International

Michael Toschi MircoIn case you haven’t heard, Michael Toschi, the Founder & CEO of Michael Toschi International, will be attending our new store’s Grand Opening Party this Friday. As he continues to stonewall the mainstream media, we plan to use the opportunity to get the straight answers to some tough questions. To wit:

  • Your given name at birth was Maximillian Pembroke Rothschild IV. What made you change your name?  
  • We at On The Fly like to say that your shoes have a "cult-like following". If you could belong to a cult –any cult– which one would you join? 
  • I see a lot of shoes coming out now with red soles which is something you’ve been doing for years. Had you seen that elsewhere when you added it to your line, or was that your creation that other brands are now stealing?
  • Your socks, for many, are life-changing. But you only make them in solid Navy, Chocolate, Black, and Charcoal. When can we expect a new color? 
  • You just returned from Italy. On your last trip, you got into a nasty scooter accident and spent months with a leg in a cast. What gruesome things happened to you on this last trip?

Any questions you’d like us to ask him?

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