Belts for the Incredibly Particular

Antas BeltsSomeday, I will have my own line of belts. They will revolutionize the high-end belt market for the anal-retentive gentleman. Until then…

I have been enamored with the bespoke belt program from Antas by Roger Ximenez. Roger has been making belts for over 30 years in Miami, Florida but Antas has put a particularly useful spin on his work. With Antas’ custom belt offering, you have 26 strap options (including 3 alligator, 3 crocodile, and 6 French Calf, 2 Italian Calf, etc.), 2 widths, and 3 belt buckles resulting in 156 belt permutations. But wait there’s more!

What you may not be able to tell from the photo at left is that you can choose your own top-stitching color from 21 different colors. Collect all 3,276!

So, let’s say you’re like me and you have a lot of gray suits. And you often wear your black dress shoes with your gray suit. And you like to coordinate purple or lavender with gray. Well, you can buy a black belt with lavender top-stitching and take your meticulousness to another level.

The belts are cut to size, so if you happen to have an odd-numbered waist size (33, 35, 37, 39, etc.), it will be the best-fitting belt you own; they are lined with nubuck so they don’t slide along your waistband like leather-backed belts do; and, they are made by hand in the U.S. (please allow 4 weeks for your belt to be made to your specifications).

You can see some of the belts we’ve had made up thus far here, and get a better photo of the swatches here.

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