Coming Soon: S.T. Dupont 1001 Nights

S.T. Dupont 1001 NightsThe newest limited edition offering from S.T Dupont is the 1001 Nights collection. Shipping soon, 1001 Nights range includes a Ligne 2 lighter, Neo-Classique President fountain pen or roller ball pen, and a writing kit comprised of a pen holder, inkwell, and letter opener (pictured).

Inspired by Persian culture and architecture, the 1001 Nights range exudes ornate, oriental decoration. The pieces are adorned with a deep blue placed lacquer and pale gold. A gold powder effect intensifies and embellishes the deepness and clarity of the blue lacquer, giving the illusion of a celestial vault crowned with stars.

The lighter will retail for $3,000, the fountain pen for $3,200, roller ball for $3,100, and the writing set for $5,000.

A "Diamond" version of each writing kit is offered as well, intended for those that prefer not to be seen with a set that sells for less than $36,000!

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Written by Ami

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