Cheese Caves are the new Wine Cellars?

Wingtip is about to introduce a high-end Cheese Plate this week that features the Berti Italian Cutlery 7-Piece Cheese Knife Set, so cheese has been on my mind. Sunday brunch across the street from a bookstore led to a purchase of Culture magazine (which is about cheese, not culture!). That led to a subscription for the club so we can all learn more about cheese. 

Now I’m reading cheese blogs, and I came across an entry describing tours of the cheese-aging caves at Murray’s Cheese Shop in New York. Naturally, then, the next thought is that we need to have a cheese-aging cave at Wingtip. Done deal, right? 

Not so fast. Today, the New York Times has a point/counterpoint article on the aging of cheese (affinage is the French word for the aging of cheese). The counterpoint, as you can imagine, basically describes it as a "crock". That is a direct quote. 

If we should be keeping fine cheeses in a humidity-controlled and temperature-controlled environment, we’ll do it; if we shouldn’t, we won’t. But just when I got it in my head that we’d have an excuse to build another cave, I’m torn. 


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Written by Ami

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