The Tyranny of “Wrinkle-Free” Shirts

Put This On forwards this article from Slate, a hit piece on "no-iron shirts". There isn’t anything in the article I would disagree with, other than as a retailer, we have customers come in pretty much daily asking for wrinkle-resistant shirts. It sounds great; who wouldn’t want a shirt that doesn’t wrinkle?

The no-iron shirt may be the greatest fashion crime of our age. A grotesque invention, it is the satanic love-child of chemistry and retailing, combining all the worst qualities of plywood, vinyl, and embalming fluid in a garment that would be more at home in the Spanish Inquisition than the cubicles of the modern workplace.

Personally, I have only ever owned one: an old Eton sport shirt bought a decade ago which I liked a lot. But I guess the purist part of me has always believed that dress shirts should be cotton. All cotton. Period. 

So the question now: do we remove the couple dozen EZ-Iron swatches from our custom box?

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