The only place you’ll find the President’s Cup Golf Shirts

President's Cup Golf ShirtsAs a sucker for anything "limited edition" or "rare," this was a cool phone call to get last week. Back in June, Peter Millar was named the apparel provider for the 2011 President’s Cup U.S. golf team. Well, the tournament, taking place in Melbourne, Australia, kicks off in just under 2 weeks and the clothing the U.S. team will be wearing is still a closely guarded secret. It will stay that way until the week of the tournament (11/15 – 11/20).

However, as one of Peter Millar’s largest customers, we were asked if we would like to buy any pre-packs of the shirts that the team will be wearing as there were 25 pre-packs available nationwide (each pre-pack has 35 shirts, 5 in each style that the players will be wearing). Of the 25 pre-packs, a half-dozen will be coming to On The Fly (meaning just 210 shirts), and for all intents & purposes, On The Fly and will be the only place in the entire country with inventory to sell; they will not be on, only a handful will be on, and then there’s us. The shirts will sell for $115, or all 7 for $700 (savings of $105). The shirts will arrive to us on Monday, November 14th, and should go live on the website on Tuesday, November 15th. We have no idea what they look like, but if it’s Peter Millar, we know they’ll be nice.

Generally speaking, we’ll have sizes M, L, and XL with a few Smalls (I will be keeping 1 of each for myself) and a few XXLs.We may let you pre-order next week!

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