Nanoluxe without the Nano

Twill Gingham ShirtMen who like to appear sharply dressed with minimal effort should take note of Peter Millar’s Nanoluxe* shirts: the Twill Gingham (pictured) and the Tattersall.

Nanoluxe shirts are first treated with a special liquid to swell the fabric, yielding a smooth surface with excellent crease resistance. A light, pliable, polymer tape is then applied to the seams, after which the shirt is cured on special forms. 

The results? Compared with ordinary dress shirts, these are more wrinkle resistant, maintain their shape better, and have less seam puckering. They’re ideal for travel, especially when you’d love to arrive at your next meeting with a crisp looking shirt on your back. At home, you can wash and dry them like ordinary laundry (no ironing required), saving you both time and money on your dry cleaning bill.

*Despite the name, no nanotechnology is actually employed to produce these great results. 

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