How You Sell a Water Resistant Jacket Online

As you may have noticed, we are slowly starting to introduce more video to our website. We are probably 3 years late to this, but better late than never.

If you go to our page describing Peter Millar’s Microfiber Jacket today, all you’ll read is: 

"Peter Millar’s Microfiber Blouson Jacket features button cuffs,
a partial elastic waist, front slant pockets, and contrast collar
underside. Lined."

In the store, however, if a customer is considering the jacket, we will always grab a glass of water and pour it on the jacket. The water beads right off, and the customer often takes it then and there. Theoretically, it works with wine or coffee as well although we have yet to try. 

Now, with the addition of video to the site, we’ll be able to better demonstrate some of the features and functions that make the products we sell exceptional. Watch the video and you’ll understand why we love this jacket (and why my eyes are 3/4 closed in the preview frame). 

Peter Millar Microfiber Gregory Blouson Jacket  $125

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