Still Confused How to “Fold” a Pocket Circle?

Edward Armah Pocket CirclesA year and a half ago, I met Edward Armah at one of the Market week shows in New York. He had two innovative concepts: reversible bow ties and “pocket circles”. I referred to his pocket circles as “the biggest innovation in pocket squares since the invention of the pocket square.”

Within a year of launching his company, he’s getting press in the industry rags, a presence in the Vanguard section of the biggest show last week in New York, and photos of well-dressed Italians wearing his circles at Pitti Uomo (the big menswear show in Florence that precedes New York).

But what is a pocket circle? How does it work? We’ve used the illustration above for the past year, but we finally felt his unique & innovative product deserved a video. So at long last, the pocket circle in a minute (the actual instructions are less than 30 seconds):

And you can shop his Pocket Circles here…

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Written by Ami

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