G.J. Cleverley visits Wingtip

CleverleyLondon’s G.J. Cleverley, one of the world’s premier shoe makers, will be visiting Wingtip on as part of their next US tour. Existing clients and shoe lovers alike should bookmark the evening of April 24, when George Glasgow and company will be joining us from 5-9. Non-members are welcome so long as they are genuine shoe addicts.
Cleverley has been making shoes for over 50 years, and their client list includes names like Winston Churchill, Ralph Lauren, and Sir Elton John. Their offerings include a standard ready to wear line ($850), Anthony Cleverley models (their highest-grade semi-bespoke shoe, $1600), and full bespoke (beginning at $3,500 for calf).
It’s often said that a man should spend at least 50% of what he spends on a suit for a comparable pair of shoes. For those looking to act on this advice, Cleverley has few peers.
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  • As an owner of Cleverley shoes I must admit my bias. They make sublime footwear, wonderful in every way. No bigger smile has been on my face than the first time I slipped on a pair that were made just for me.
    I highly recommend you check out the event…if only to drool over what should be in your closet…and on your feet!

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