CEO’s come cheaper than you think

Ike Behar CEO fabrics

Given the news and recent economic trends, you’d be forgiven for associating all CEO’s with astronomical dollar figures. The exception: our overstock of Ike Behar CEO shirts, which are now 50% off.

In Ike Behar’s parlance, CEO stands for custom express original. These are made-to-order dress shirts, crafted from bolts of fabric that we have in our store (that’s a photos of our collection). You get to choose the collar size, sleeve length, collar style, cuffs, and whether you’d like a pocket. The shirts are made in Florida, and will now set you back only $122.50 apiece, instead of the usual $245. You can find out more by clicking here.

Please note: because we’re offering such a deal, we cannot accept requests for specific colors or styles. If you order one of these shirts, we’ll give you a random selection from our remaining stock.


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