The Artisinally Sharpened Pencil Has Arrived

For those of you that remember the post on the Artisanal Pencil Sharpener, the pencil I bought finally arrived today. As you’ll see from the “Certificate of Sharpening,” it was sharpened to an 8/10, whatever that means (I didn’t ask for any level of sharpness, but if I was asked, an 8 sounds like what I would have asked for). In addition to the Certificate of Sharpening, I also received a bag of the shavings.

It appears it was sharpened with whatever tool’s acronym is “SBL”; had I known better, I would have specified the El Casco Pencil Sharpener which I assume is the one shortened to “ElC.” Then again, we have one in the store so I guess it’ll be an excuse for me to hone my craft.

Fortunately, we have a big project underway worthy of a pencil sharpened by an artisan…

Artisinal Pencil Sharpened

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